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A startup Which is brain child of a lawyer and a fitness / nutrition enthusiast by heart , At village Kot Bhai, Distt. Muktsar, Punjab. The idea behind TBPF derives its inspiration for producing organic, cage free eggs to our patrons.  Most of the chicken & eggs that we eat comes laced heavily with chemicals. Some of them are high in genetically modified organism (GMO). At The Black Protein Farm everything is done how nature intended it. Indulge yourself in the most premium , organic, cage free healthy Kadaknath Chickens & eggs Products.

This is the only ‘Black Meat Chicken’ (BMC) breed of India.

Why KADAKNATH is Premium?

Studies revealed that indian diet protein deficit and to fill this void we rely highly on white leghorn (normal chicken)  popularly know as Broiler Chicken which artificially  reared with the use of steroid and chemically laced diet and are caged in an inhuman and unhygienic environment. On other side kadaknath takes nearly  thrice the time to attain half the body weight of a broiler chicken. Weight of the kadaknath goes up to 1.2kg. (approx.). A white leghorn hen is selectively bred to lay 320-330 eggs out of 365 days in a year. Wheres kadaknath hen lays around 120-130 eggs a year taking the same amount of feed as that of a white leghorn hen.

Cost of rearing a KADAKNATH is nearly four times higher than that of a regular broiler chicken.

Review about Kadaknath by Chef Manjit Gill

The Kadaknath – Kali Masi – Fowl having the black meat is an Indian native breed of chicken. Rain forest of Jhabua & Dhar in Madhya Pradesh is the home of this unique breed. Kadaknath reared mainly by the Tribal community of Bhil and Bhilala. The Kadaknath are completely black – jet black. Their feathers are black, skin is black, black legs & toe nails, black beak & tongue, black comb & wattles, black meat & bones and even dark organs. Kadaknath have a good tasting black meat, which believed to infuse vigor. Its colour is from the deposition of melanin pigments. Kadaknath is the most beautiful.

chicken in the world so spectacular and exotic and very beautiful like one say “Tall , dark , handsome”. The Kadaknath hens lay about 60 – 100 cream colour eggs in their first year. The Tribals , local Adiwasis value this chicken for its culture as well as its health benefits. It is also considered sacred. Kadaknath is high in Iron, and Amino acids and low in fat. It tolerates extreme heat and cold climatic conditions and require minimum management inputs. Kadaknath is diseases resistant and is valued for the black meat quality, texture, flavor and its distinctive taste.


Kadaknath is high in protein almost 25% than ordinary chicken. Its lower in cholesterol, high level of amino acids out of which 8 are essential for the human and rich in hormone. Kadaknath is rich in vitamins such as B1, B2, B6, B12, C and E, niacin, calcium, phosphorus, iron, etc. The black meat of Kadaknath is aphrodisiac does the same function as of Sildenafil citrate. The eggs are also nutritive for old people.
I heard first time about Kadaknath in Bhopal, IHM few years back. Requested if possible to get and lets cook. That time it was only possible with the permission from the Tribal authority. Two Kadaknath were managed next day. I cooked them Qorma style on low heat. It took time but worth all efforts. Delicious, distinctive taste, does not to many spices. Right seasoning with little sourness added at the end. Best is braising and may be grilled with long marination with little papaya paste. Boneless kababs must be grilled on low moderate heat in two stages. Kofta can be prepared by pounding the meat.
To save the breed from extinction, thanks to Madhya Pradesh government started a Kadaknath poultry breeding program involving 500 BPL families, who were to receive financial support and assistance. I heard there is Kadaknath farming started near Chandigarh towards Hoshiarpur. Find out Kadaknath from authorise farms and enjoy cooking and eating this unique Chicken


Comparative Benefits over broiler eggs & chicken.

Kadaknath Broiler
Protein 25% 18-20%
Fat 0.73-1.03% 13-25%
Cholesterol /100gm 60 mg 218 mg
Linoleic Acid 24% 21%

Higher Levels of – 18 essential Amino Acids and Hormones, Vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12, C & E, Niacin, Calcium, Phosphorus, Iron, Nicotinic Acids, etcetera

Ideal Nutrition For*

  • Enhancing Sexual Stamina
  • Muscle & Bodybuilding
  • Improving Immune System
  • Cardiac, Diabetes, TB, Asthma and High BP Patients
  • Healthy Development in Children
  • Enhanced Resistance Among Elderly

Remedially Helpful In*

  • Improving Fertility In Women
  • Increasing RBC & Haemoglobin
  • Chronic Fatigue & Irritability
  • Migraines & Post-delivery Headaches
  • Inflammation Of Kidneys
  • De-pigmentation Of Skin

* Benefits are based on nutritional information cited by the CFTRI & the GI filling by Government of Madhya Pradesh



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